Best Diet to Lose Weight – The Reality

It’s 2019 and we are all in a frenzy to shed pounds of unwanted fat off our bodies, so that we can look like those Instagram models popping up everywhere. Everyone seems to know everything about fitness – how to eat, train, rest and recuperate. As a result we have a vast array of new diets and eating patterns to choose from. Some will go keto, some will swear by WW Diet and others will defend the honor of vegan diets. One will eat 12 smalls a meal to stoke the metabolic furnace while others will starve for 48 hours to cleanse toxins. The list goes on and on. It can get extremely frustrating for a beginner to choose the right eating pattern to get a little bit healthier and live a normal life. We aren’t talking about gym rats or booty models. We are talking about the average Joe and Jill who want nothing more than ward off diseases and perhaps look a bit better to fit in their clothes and not fall off the stairs in exhaustion. So, what is the best diet to lose weight for this specific demography? Let’s take a look at the reality of fitness.

The Ideal Physique

Like all trends, the fit physique of both males and females has evolved and changed over the years. The days of Eugene Sandow have as much of a sharp chasm of difference as the days of Arnold have to the present day of fitness. Right now, we are all blinded by the false hopes and promises of Instagram Influencers assuring us a sculpted body like theirs in “3 Easy Steps”. Sadly, it never is that easy.

And you don’t even need to look as shredded as Zach Efron in Baywatch as or as buff as the Rock to be healthy. That’s the reality we need to accept. I can even say, right here and right now, that you shouldn’t look up to stars and models as your fitness goals. Yes, you really shouldn’t. What is their job? To look good without shirts while cashing in millions. It’s their duty to look good. What is your job? Be healthy and a tad bit attractive, hopefully. And it’s your job to build up a future for your kids and grand kids and their kids.

So, instead of trying to look shredded or buff, I strongly recommend you to lose fat and focus on being healthy instead. The aesthetic part can tag along. A six-pack cannot gauge fitness, nor will deadlifting 500 lbs. Not everyone has the time and resources to focus on these.

The Best Diet?

Do we really need all these so called diets and eating patterns in the first place? Up until a couple of decades before the ascent of portable technology in our hands, men, as a whole, have always been physically active. From walking the dog around the good old neighborhood to playing in the fields, everyone has their fair share of physical activities to keep us from being predominantly sedentary. Now, it’s a different scenario and the word ‘fitness’ has become something more of a lifestyle trend rather than being a part of our daily lives.

And to compliment the fickle nature of fitness trends, the number of dietary plans and eating patterns has increased bu unprecedented rates, especially in the past decade. Slap in a good-looking model with an attractive body in the cover, tweak a generic diet by the slightest and we have the total package ready for sale. No wonder, the fat loss and fitness industry is booming.

So, for a beginner or a casual fan in the world of fitness, which diet is the one they need to become whoever they aspire to be? Or is there such a thing as the perfect diet? The answer might vary from person to person and every diet in existence will have its fair number of supporters. In other words, it’s a messy arena down there and the first advice I wanna give, regarding this, is to choose any diet you want. Just go crazy and point to any one of them, if you are feeling a bit bold. Or fire up your browser and research as to which diet can fit your lifestyle and budget to a T. Choose it and you are on your way to fitness.

Some General Rules

Fortunately, we can glean some general rules of losing fat and getting healthy that is the very foundation of most diets.

  • Calorie Deficit

Eat few calories than you burn and you are in a deficit. And what happens when you are in a calorie/energy deficit? Your body uses the stored fat as energy, as a result of which, you lose weight and get fit and healthy. It’s as simple as that. And this runs inside the core of every fat loss diet and eating pattern.

It is as easy as it sounds, really. You need to be in a deficit of about 3500 calories over time to lose 1 lb of fat. Manage a deficit of 500 from your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and in a week, you will lose a pound of fat. In reality, expect some leeway in the exact numbers of weight loss

How do you create this deficit? This is where the different diets in existence come into play. Intermittent Fasting, which is more of a lifestyle than a diet, creates this deficit by restricting your meals and feeding hours. Vegan based diets do this by substituting high calorie animal based foods with fiber rich plant substitutes. Basically, you can choose whatever fits your schedule, budget and need to cut down your calories. For me, I am a big proponent of Intermittent Fasting and I find it extremely easy to skip dinner. And it did the magic trick for me, a couple of times. (I have been through a lot of rebounds and relapses myself when it comes to weight loss and gain.)

  • Be Active

You don’t need to join a gym or jump inside the confines of an aerobic hall to be active. Just walk around a lot and find excuses to break your sedentary lifestyle as much as possible. And I think it’s a must for all of us to take a walk in the morning and plan our days out. All in all, try to aim for about 200 calories of expenditure daily from your physical activity and you are all set to go.

However, I think everyone of us should introduce some sort of strength training in our activities. No, you don’t need to hit the gym. Just do some push-ups, pull ups (or a modified version of it), squats and some plyometric (anything that involves a sudden burst of action such as jumping). Do that for about half an hour every day and you are two steps closer to your best version. And you will look better too.

  • Stress Management

Stress is inevitable. It would be a foolish delusion for us to expect to live a life of little to no stress. Somehow, something will pop up when we least expect it and give us a ton of stress and anxiety. It’s to be expected. And it would be even more foolish of me to ask you to stop sweating over such things and continue living nonchalantly.

As we all know, how a lot of us can go crazy on food when we are stressed off. We eat like there is no tomorrow and then get even more stressed out. And do we change our ways at that? Nope. We eat more and more as if filling up our stomach with the yummiest and the unhealthiest of food can somehow solve our problems. And no, it won’t help us forget it either.

What should we do then? The only option is for us to manage it. It helps to confide to someone who will actually listen to us and not kill a dozen enemies in Fortnite while pretending to nod their heads in agreement with us. It also helps to get in more physical activities. Learn some breathing and meditation techniques. And get more sleep. Sleeping is the natural way for our bodies to relax and reboot out system on its own. Allow it to happen and you will find that morning is always wiser than the evening.


To put things in perspective, there is no one diet to rule them all. There is no best diet to lose weight. Every one of them works. It just won’t work for everyone. Choose the one you can stick to and run with it for 6 months. You will see results. Alternatively, you can just be in a calorific deficit, exercise more and control your stress and you will lose weight. Don’t make this anymore complicated than it has to be. Please comment down below and inform me what your go-to-diet is for loosing weight and why.

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