Fastest Way to Burn Fat – Works Every time

In a world where 30% or even more of us are classified obese or overweight, it’s like a silver lining in the dark clouds when fitness and six-pack abs have become a trend. It’s a sign of things to come, a good sign of an age where all of us can rock washboard abs and perfect physiques. And no, fat positivity is just an excuse to skip the grueling work and discipline in the gym and kitchen. It’s just an illusionary way out of their own misery. This article is for those who are interested in the fastest way to burn fat, pounds and pounds of unwanted fat, without any ill effects to their health and mental well-being. And it works every time.

In the abyssal hall of Moria, Gandalf the Grey battled Durin’s Bane, a deadly Balrog of Morgoth. During this legendary battle on the bridge of Khazad-dûm, the seemingly old wise man struck the stone bridge with his handy staff and broke it causing the monster and him to fall into the abyss. He died or so the others thought and lamented. However, he came back as Gandalf the White in Fanghorn Forest and astonished the trio of Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas. Later, when Gimli asked him the secrets to his amazing strength, resilience and health, he was heard whispering ever so lightly, ” My dear friend, you have but to lose your gut.” And then, he added, “Follow the path of the three eagles and you will find out the secret.” Perhaps the old man was onto something. However, I am glad to have uncovered the meaning behind his cryptic words and that’s what we are going to follow in this article.

A Tripartite Approach to Burn Fat and Get Shredded

To make things more simple and easy to understand, without quoting Gandalf, the fastest way to your best selves is to follow the Triparttite Approach.

  • The Mental Approach – Discipline
  • The Nutritional Approach – Calories in and out
  • The Physical Approach – Exercise selection.

And surprisingly enough, that is in the descending order of importance. You need nothing else. It’s best to keep things simple and straight. When you have full control over these three factors, what seemingly was an impossible task becomes an easy target. Without any further delay, let’s have a look at each of these three approaches –

1. The Mental Approach – Discipline

This is the most underrated approach of all three but an improper or lack of attention to this is usually what makes people quit halfway or never start their journey at all. There is a reason why this is the First Approach in my Fat Loss Tripartite Solution. Motivation can only take us that far and sooner or later, it will leave us high and dry. What then? We crawl all the way back to the starting point and go back even further.

Recall that ripped guy who got fat and soft by the end of the year? That has nothing to do with hormonal imbalance or dietary flaw. He ran out of motivation and he experienced the Regression Effect. Recall that kid from high school who decided to get in shape all of a sudden and pulled out his membership the following week? Lack of Discipline and no mental focus. Once again, motivation can only get us that far.

Losing fat is like overhauling your entire life. You will be in a state of constant temptation and misery. That’s why it’s so easy to give in to bad habits and mess up your nutrition or miss your workout.

I suggest 6 methods to keep your focus and discipline in razor sharp condition so that you can breeze through years and years of dedication –

1. Wake up each morning with a plan. Learn to discard your phones in the morning until you have a to-do list all primed and ready. This will set the tone for the rest of the day. But for those of you who are in the habit of setting short term goals, this won’t come as a surprise. Something as trivial as a to-do list in the morning can change the tempo of your entire day and week and even beyond. Having a cluttered mind is what usually what makes us lose focus in the things we need to do.

2. Generate a mental image of your best physique and run towards it. This is like having a visual goal that you can work towards. It can keep you motivated and determined in the worst of situations. You are like a mound of clay waiting to be sculpted into whatever shape you want to be. It helps to have a mental image of your goal physique.

3. Record your progress in the gym and outside with a good workout log and weekly photo updates. The changes might be minute and sometimes it might not come for weeks. But be persistent and you will surely break any invisible barrier you have around you. Having a blog or a vlog with daily updates of your activities and meals can keep you motivated. Being in front of an audience can induce discipline in ways you can’t imagine.

4. Have an accountable partner to keep you in track and do the same for him/her in return. This is the most practical suggestion to make sure you don’t mess up. Ne brutally honest with each other and have a friendly competition brewing between yourselves.

5. Join a community of motivated individuals willing to egg you on forward. This will give you the extra boost in motivation you need and keep you accountable. It can be your gym members or an online group. However, you need to open up to them.

6. Forgive your mistakes. I can guarantee you even before you dip a toe in the fitness waters. You will surely mess up somewhere. It’s inevitable. But don’t let this derail you. I have met hundreds of motivated individuals who, in the face of their first mistakes, regressed back and even beyond. Learn to forgive these minor mistakes and you will get stronger.

2. The Nutritional Approach – Calories in and out

Now, we are getting on the more technical side of this discussion. Let’s talk about calories in and out. Despite everything, I am a big proponent of The Energy Balance in our bodies. If you eat more than your body can use, you gain fat. If you eat less than your body can use, you create a deficit and thus, lose fat. The rate of losing fat depends on how big the deficit is.

  • Find out your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) here. That’s basically the total energy your body will burn in a day. If you eat less than that, you are bound to lose weight. Period. Eat more and you accumulate the excess calories as adipose tissue to keep the body safe from starvation.
  • Don’t try to think of complex stuff like hormonal imbalance or polysystic ovary syndrome etc. Keep it simple and short, not complicated.
  • Intermittent Fasting can often be the best eating pattern for those with an unhealthy relationship with food. It is easy and can be easily managed. However, you can choose any eating pattern or even dietary protocols that you prefer and still lose a tremendous amount of weight, provided you are in a calorific deficit. Be hypocaloric and get ripped.
  • 50% of your meals should be protein rich food. Use protein powders if you feel like it can help you reach a decent amount of protein per day.
  • Eat lots of fibrous carbohydrates and cut down on the starchy ones. But you don’t need to avoid it altogether. Rice, pasta, sweet potatoes etc can be extremely good if you restrict it to a reasonable portion per meal.
  • Don’t go crazy counting calories and macros for every meal. If you need to lose weight or fat, keep food far away from your mind and sight.
  • Don’t avoid fats. Avoid binging on fast food and pizza instead.
  • Try to contribute at least half of your calorie deficit from exercises. Developing your lean muscles can raise your metabolism significantly and give you greater leeway to eat more.
  • Avoid alcohol and juices. Instead, drink water. A lot of water.
  • Be determined and consistent. Being healthy is a long term commitment. Start investing.

3. The Physical Approach – Exercise Selection

I know there are lots of debate regarding the perfect exercise. Some swear by burpees or deadlifts while others stand firmly in the corner of traditional cardio. It can vary a lot according to the individual in question but let’s try to establish some points that works, from personal experience.

  • Strength Training is vital for both men and women. And to follow a good workout routine with progressive overload every week is the best way to get healthy.
  • Choose compound exercises which provide the best bang for your buck results. Deadlifts can engage almost every single muscle fiber in the body. Compare that with a Chest Fly which isolates the muscle fibers in the chest only. Do you still believe the curl and its many variations stand a chance against the deadlift? Exercises like the pull-up, squat, row, deadlift, military press and the bench press are much better than the curl, fly and the crunch.
  • Jogging and other traditional cardio exercises surely have their places but it’s always better to opt for the Battlerope or the kettlebell or the Jump rope. You can create innumerable workout routines using just a handful of bodyweight exercises and minimal equipment.
  • For crazy results, provided your feet won’t kill you the following day, start hill sprints. It doesn’t have to be long. Just a 50-meter dash up on a moderately steep hill for about 10 repetitions and you are good to go. Sprinting uphill can torch body fat better than most exercises, give a cardiovascular effect and aid in muscle building as well. And it’s the best abdominal exercise as well.
  • Try to burn off an extra 300-500 calories from your workouts so that you don’t have to dig yourself too deep in a hole by restricting calories. You will thank me later.
  • Take a long morning walk on your off days to aid recovery and facilitate mental focus. And take this time to listen to your favorite podcast or audio book. Brains and brawns.
  • Never skip warm-ups and cool downs. They are as important as the main workouts, the negligence of which is a one way ticket to snap city.


It sure won’t be easy but it can be a lot of fun once you know the right method to lose fat. And using the Tripartite Approach is the fastest way to lose fat and it works every time. Do let me know your opinions about this article by commenting down below. Let’s make sure we get rid of our adipose adversities once and for all, for Gandalf’s sake.

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