How to Train like a Boxer : Look Badass

How to Train like a Boxer : Look Badass

There’s something primal, something extremely fascinating about punching things. That’s why the Rocky franchise hit gold back in the 1980s, that’s why movies like Jake Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw, Hillary Swank’s Million Dollar Baby and Michael B. Jordans’s Creed series will always have an audience. And if you are like, if you grew up watching the Rocky franchise, you must have recalled those moments when Rocky Balboa made his usual comebacks; his wild haymakers and bodyshots connecting with the rippling flesh of his adversities as they pummel each other into box office gold. And then, there’s the rising popularity of MMA with the emergence of companies like UFC and Bellator and fighters like Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. And after watching them throw punches, fling kicks and exchange submissions, we all have that common question in the back of our minds – How do I train like them? How to train like a boxer or a fighter and look like a complete badass. Worry not, ladies and gentleman for I have conjured up a workout routine designed specifically to sculpt your bodies into the ever so attractive lean and mean look.

What is the Boxer Physique?

First of all, there are roughly two schools of thought about the ideal physique. While one may lean towards the yoked beefy look of the gym, others may covet the shredded athletic look. For the beefcake look, hitting the gym with a good workout routine and plenty of progressive overload in terms of weights and reps will get you there eventually.

However, if you are looking to look like a lean and mean badass, look no further than this beginner friendly workout routine to start out. But what we need to remember is that the professional fighters you see in the octagon or the ring or even the silver scree, are the byproducts of countless hours of top-level training and nutrition. The typical look comprises of an even combination of strength, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance. They have narrow waists, ripped abs, crazy strong back muscles, boulder shoulders, toned legs and a complete shredded look.

What we are going to do in here is just an emulation a fraction of their physical prowess and the complete look. If you want to get buff, I am afraid this particular program isn’t oriented to such results. However, if you are looking to get lean and mean without having to build up your size, let’s get on with this program.

The Workout

Let’s get acclimated to certain terms and techniques before we start throwing fists around.

  • Jab – Usually fired with the left fist, the jab is perhaps the most vital punch in boxing or fighting in general. Start with your boxing stance, which for most people is with the left foot forward and your fists guarding either sides of the chin. And then, punch with the lead hand (left hand for orthodox, right hand for southpaws). Make sure that you land the punch with the upper arm and fist rotating slightly to let your shoulder protect your face. Retract the punch while still keeping the other hand around your chin, as a guard against counter attacks. Imagine it to be a snapping motion to catch your opponent off guard. This is the jab.Watch here.
  • Cross – This is also called a Straight Right. It’s the second most used punch and it can generate a lot of power. After you snap back into position from the jab, you will be rotating your rear foot and torso to generate enough power to perform this straight punch with the rear fist. Keep your chin down and keep your head up. Snap back into position.Watch here.
  • Hook – Usually the hardest punch and the cause of many a knockouts in and outside the ring, the hook is notorious for its power. After throwing your cross, pivot your lead foot and bend the lead arm at 90 degrees, bringing along your entire bodyweight. Make sure your knees are slightly bent to “sit down with your punches”. Always keep your guard up.Watch here.
  • Uppercut – Just like the hook and other power punches, pivot the body and get it behind the punch. But this time the arm is angled upwards. Don’t change anything, just the angle of the arm. Make sure you remember that the uppercut is supposed to be a short punch, so you needn’t extend your arms all the way. Also, keeps the wrist neutral and in line with the arm to prevent any injuries.Watch here.

This boxing routine is to be performed on alternate days. The off days should focus on the workout here.


Equipment needed

  1. Heavy bagYou can buy it here in Amazon.
  2. Boxing GloveYou can buy it here in Amazon.

Duration – 30-45 minutes.

Level – Beginner to Intermediate

Type – Fat loss and Conditioning.

Calorie Expenditure – 300-450 calories based on your weight.

  1. Round one – Focus on Jab only.
  2. Round two – Focus on Jab and Cross.
  3. Round three – Focus on Jab, Cross and Hook.
  4. Round Four – Focus on Jab, Cross, Hook and Uppercut.
  5. Round Five – Wreak havoc on the bag and go all out, freestyle.
  6. Round 6 – Go back to Jab only.
  7. Round 7 – Go back to Jab and Cross.
  8. Round 8 – Work on Jab, Cross and Hook.
  9. Round 9 – Fire up your Jab, Cross, Hook and Uppercut.
  10. Round 10 – Time to unleash hell on the bag with freestyle punching.

Each round will be of 2 minutes with 1 minute of rest in between each round.



  • Vast cardiovascular improvements.
  • Tremendous Fat Loss.
  • Shredded Look.
  • Development of Burst power.
  • Insane stamina and endurance.
  • Look and feel good.
  • Stress relief and self-confidence.
  • Core activation and overall improvement of body posture.
  • Lean muscle development.
  • Mental focus.

So we all know, boxing is a bad ass sport where top-level physical specimens with insane strength and stamina compete for the title of the best. We may not be that physically competent but, now that we know how to train like a boxer, we can emulate their looks and fitness levels, without having to risk tonnes of concussions. So let me know what you think of this workout in the comment section, down below.






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