• Do you recall the Battle of Pelennor Fields in Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King? After a friendly competition between the dwarf Gimli and the Elven prince, Legolas in orc-killing, the elf decided to up the ante and took down a massive “Mumakil” (huge elephant like beast) with just his bow and arrow while disposing off the riders. This was an impressive display of agility and skills. Despite claiming that only counted as one kill, Gimli couldn’t help but ask the Prince of Mirkwood later that night what was the key to his impressive balance and focus. While chugging down a barrel of the finest wine, he replied, ” Jump rope. I use Elven Rope to do my jump rope routine daily. Care to try a jump rope exercise routine?.”

Jokes aside, jumping rope is that good for your agility, coordination and functional strength. It’s a complete exercise in itself that has elements of portability and simplicity. Only the Kettlebell and perhaps the strap suspension trainer can rival the jump rope but in terms of pricing, it has no rival. For this very reason, it is the perfect tool when one wishes to dip a toe in the world of fitness and health. Let’s blast things off with a relatively simple yet very effective workout plan for beginners.

The Routine

Level – Beginner level but can be used as metabolic conditioning on off days for the more experienced ones.

Time – Anywhere in between 15-30 mins depending on the level of your muscular efficiency and cardio vascular competency.

Calorie Expenditure – Depending on your weight, it can be somewhere in between 250-450 calories.

Training Frequency – Start out with 3 days a week with one day off in between each workout, Scale up to even 6 days a week. And don’t get me started on Overtraining (More on this later).

Duration – Use this for 8 weeks.

Exercises involved

  • Burpees – Drop down into a push up position, perform a push-up, get up in a squat position and push your toes into the ground to launch your body in the air. That’s one rep of burpee.
  • High Knees – Run in place in a quick pace while lifting your knees as high as possible, according to your flexibility.
  • Push-ups – Don’t flare out your elbows as seen in some YouTube videos. Keep it tucked in. Opt for knee push-ups if you can’t do one.
  • Planks – Gymnasts prefer to arch up their lower back and crunch their abs hard while maintaining the plank position. I believe that is a good way to fix the plank. However, feel free to do the usual plank, for now.
  • Squats – Go down deep. Ass to ground style. NO HALF SQUATS.
  • Jumping Jacks – Keep your back and core tight to make sure you are in perfect position.
  • Mountain Climbers – Keep the core tight and try to bring your knees as high up your chest as possible.
  • Lunges – Avoid bending forward.
  • Crunches – Choose any variation you want, This is just accessory ab-work, folks.
  • Leg raises – Go slow on the descent or eccentric portion.

The Actual Workout

  • Jump Rope – 100 reps
    • 1o Push-ups
  • Jump Rope – 90 reps
    • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • Jump Rope – 80 Reps
    • 10 Crunches
  • Jump Rope – 70 reps.
    • 10 Squats
  • Jump Rope – 60 reps
    • 30 seconds High Knees
  • Jump Rope – 50 reps
    • 12 Alternate Lunges
  • Jump Rope – 40 reps
    • 10 Leg Raises
  • JUmp Rope – 30 reps
    • 30 seconds of Plank
  • Jump Rope – 20 reps
    • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • Jump Rope – 10 reps
    • 10 Burpess

Repeat this for another round with a 3-minute break in between. Hydration is the key here.

About the Program – A Few Details

Let’s go through a few details about the program to make sure everyone gets it right.

  • This program is meant for beginners only. However, one can always use this as a finisher HIIT to a strength routine or metabolic conditioning.
  • This is just a model routine, which means one can always tweak around and improve upon the exercises suggested. Creative control in your hands. However, I advise against changing the basic nature and structure of the routine as a whole.
  • Always do a dynamic warm-up before any exercise. It’s a must for long-term health and fitness. And don’t static stretch before your workouts as warm-up. It can potentially lead to torn muscles and other complications we don’t want in any stage of out fitness careers.
  • Cool down with a combination of static stretching and dynamic movements. Don’t take too long for this and limit it to around 5-10 mins.
  • The frequency of training for beginners should be 3 times a week on alternate days. Take your rest days off outside the house with about a hour of light walking. It helps you give a continuity about the program and you can listen to a lot of informative podcast on the way. A win-win for sure.
  • And last but not the least, let’s discuss about the progression model. Because there has to be some sort of progression to every good plan. And yes, I want this workout to be timed. For each workout, aim to beat the previous time. Even if it’s a second, it’s progression. Post your times below.

Basic Tips

  • It’s all about calories in and calories out. So, make sure you get your nutrition on point with plenty of proteins and greens. It always helps to pop in a multi-vitamin pill or two.
  • Rest enough to allow your body to recuperate. In most cases, with the exception of world-class athletes, overtraining always turns out to be lack of sleep and rest. Get plenty of shut-eye in and you can work hard without caring about the ominous shadow of overtraining creeping in.
  • If you hate working out alone, get a training buddy to run this program together. It’s always fun to have a little friendly competition going on. Don’t let your fists fly in the name of competition though.
  • Track your progress and time your times.
  • Have patience. You can’t undo years of bad habit and uninformed food choice in a single workout or two.
  • And have fun. Jumping rope is so much fun when you do it right. Don’t try to go with fancy tricks and stuff if that is not your cup of tea. Basic two feet jumping works and will work.


Perhaps Gimli will get that uncanny agility of Legolas with this workout routine, the next time we see him. Let’s have a little friendly competition down below in the comment section by posting out times. Please include the 3 mins of rest in between the two rounds as well. Good luck everyone.

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