Jump Rope for Fat Loss – Simple yet Effective.

Ever since the Rocky films hit theaters around the 80s, we have all been hero-worshipping the intense training sessions of Stallone jogging through town with “Gonna Fly Now” blaring in the background. And somehow, we have been believing in the myth that jogging and chugging down raw eggs (Hello Salmonella) are the best ways to get a chiseled physique like our own Stallone.

However, there has been multiple research studies that has debunked the miraculous fat stripping effects of jogging. Rather, it has brought up several issues with jogging such as the loss of muscle tissue, joint pains etc. We all know how it goes with the comparative picture of a really tired looking marathon oldie against a ripped sprinter. So what can truly replace jogging as the king of calorie scorcher if you are not a fan of primal sprinting down the tracks or crazy metabolic conditioning in a backyard gym. Go back to your childhood and grab a jump rope for fat loss. It’s simple but brutally effective.


Benefits of Jump Rope.

Before we get to the benefits of this simple exercise, we have to recall that time in our childhood when we competed against our friends in the backyard over who could jump the longest. And with a sigh, we wonder how we manage to jump straight for ten minutes without losing breath only to lose to the local bully who probably could jump for eternity. Yes, we all had that kind of stamina and muscular endurance. Ever wonder what it would feel like to have that much flexibility, stamina, strength and endurance in our adult bodies? Wonder no more for a mere three months of regular jump roping will fix everything for you. Perhaps you can even edge out the local bully this time around and show him who’s boss.

So, let’s see what benefits does jump roping bring to the table.

  • Insane fat burning.
  • Immense Cardiovascular improvement.
  • Coordination and mental sharpness.
  • Functional strength.
  • Stress relief and fun.
  • Cost effective.

Let us discuss each of these benefits a little more in detail. However, we should be aware that these 6 are just some major benefits we can pick up and in no way does this exhaust the limitless benefits of this simple movement.

  1. Insane fat burning : Several research results have all arrived to the same conclusion that Jump Rope can scorch fat to an astounding rate of1300 calories per hour. Granted that this will fluctuate a bit on either side as we adjust the body weight of each individual. But something above 1000 per hour is extremely high as compared to a “paltry” 550 calories for Jogging or a “measly” 200-300 calories for Weight-Lifting. Now, you can eat that cheese pizza slice you have been eyeing for weeks. Yes, it’s not an easy task to build up to around 1 hour of steady jumping but if Joey Motsay could jump for 33 hours 20 minutes without taking a break, why can’t we mere mortals jump for one hour?!
  2. Immense Cardiovascular Improvement : Grab a speed rope and try to skip non-stop for about three minutes. You might get a skip total of around 500 if your aerobic capacity is in excellent condition. However, whether you get 300 or 500, I can assure you that by the end of the 3 minutes, you will be gasping for air like you have just ran a marathon and sweating like you are in a furnace. Imagine building up to an hour of steady jumping in a month or two and your heart will thank you for it. Yes, you don’t need to jump for an hour. I am just using it as an achievement milestone. I do believe it’s much better to milk out both the aerobic and anaerobic benefits of jump rope, as you will find out in my sample workout regimen below.
  3. Coordination and mental sharpness acuity : I know what you are thinking of by the time you read this. And no, you won’t be reading books and solving Rubik’s cube while jumping, although I admit it will be a sight to see. You see, the brain responds most to activities involving timing and rhythming and that’s the very definition of Jump Roping. You are matching the path of the rope with your eyes and coordinating it with the flick of your wrists to get the trajectory of the rope safely under your simultaneously jumping feet. In other words, your brain is working a lot to perform this motion and as a result, it improves coordination and mental acuity. What more can we ask for from a rudimentary training tool?
  4. Functional Strength : Jump Roping won’t exactly make you into a Brain Shaw or Eddie Hall but it can give you immense functional strength by activating your core muscles which consists of your pelvic floormuscles, transversus abdominis, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae (sacrospinalis) especially the longissimus thoracis, and the diaphragm. And once you have full access to your core muscles, you are well into your way of becoming your strongest version.
  5. Stress Relief and Fun : Despite what this sounds like, the fun element in an exercise is what can actually lead to sustainability and in the long run, that is what matters. Plus jump roping is an excellent exercise to get rid of accumulated stress and ward off tension. You can learn new skills and use combinations in infinite creative ways to make your own workouts. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Cost Effective and Portability : A jump rope can cost less than 10 dollars and we are looking at the complete package for you need no further optional accessories with it. No fancy shoes, no bags, no nothing. Just a solid equipment that will last for eons if you don’t let the dog gnaw on it. And to make this even better, jump ropes can fit in almost anywhere and you need just a six feet space around you to start churning out some solid reps. This combination of low cost equipment and high portability is what makes the jump rope a formidable tool in the arsenal of fitness.

A sample jump rope workout.

And as I said before, I have devised a very effective Jump Rope routine for Fat Loss. Please note that, not even the most effective of exercises can make up for the excessive donuts you snack on after dinner. So, all remember to keep your calorie intake in deficit and you will start seeing results extremely fast.

This will be in circuit form and you need nothing more than a handy jump rope and lots of water.

  • 2 minutes of Jumping rope.
    • 10 reps of Air Squats.
    • 30 seconds of rest.
  • 2 minutes of Jumping rope.
    • 10 reps of push-ups.
    • 30 seconds of rest.
  • 2 minutes of Jumping rope.
    • 30 seconds of planks.
    • 30 seconds rest.
  • 2 minutes of jump rope
    • 30 seconds of mountain climbers.
    • 30 seconds rest.

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat this circuit for 2 more rounds. Expect a lot of sweat and heavy breathing. And a crazy transformation in the weeks to come.


There’s nothing more to say about the jump rope for fat loss than to say that it is a superior tool to most of the expensive cardio machines in the gym. You can opt for a Suspension Trainer along with it and you don’t ever have to sign up for a gym membership again.

2 Thoughts to “Jump Rope for Fat Loss – Simple yet Effective.”

  1. Hi, Chenglei.

    Thank you so much for this awesome article. You know, it had a triple effect on me just now. First of all, after I finish writing this to you, I will head directly to our garage and look for the jumping ropes that I know are buried someplace there.

    Second of all, I will call up my brother and he needs to take a flight from Austria to LA in order to watch “Rocky” with me. It’s his favorite movie, ad even I cannot forget the epic scene you described above.

    Thirdly, I’m on YouTube listening to “Gonna fly now” right this instance. While doing so I will try your sample roe jumping workout. It sounds fun and is a welcomed change to my ordinary routine. I’m very grateful for you sharing this information with us.

    Do you by any chance know how many calories you can burn with the above-listed rope jumping session? Also, do you recommend repeating it a few times if you can, or is this supposed to be a one-time round only?

    Your post has brought some fresh pep into my monotone workout plan.

    A big “Thank you” and many blessings,


    1. admin

      Hello Alexandra. First of all, thank you for reading and appreciating my post. And yes this workout is one that I recommend to those who love minimalist training. All it takes for us to be healthy is that decision and we are on the go. No fancy gyms or expensive equipment.
      And to answer your questions, you will burn anywhere between 400-600 with that workout. You can do it almost everyday (Monday through Saturday) by tweaking the accessory exercises in between the 2 min jump ropes but I suggest you to start by using Three days of Training with a day of rest in between. Sundays are best reserved for some light morning walks or even trekking if you are more of an adventuring spirit.
      Do read my other posts as well.
      Have a great day


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