Kettlebell Workout for Women : Lose Weight Fast

Everyone wants to lose weight and get in beach ready shape like yesterday. Even that is too late. The irony is the surging popularity of fast food and Netflix-induced sedentary lifestyles. I don’t think being healthy and eating fast food while “Netflix and chill”-ing will ever see eye to eye. It has become the idle wish of the mass to get ripped abs and toned muscles while chugging gallons of calorie-rich juice and humongous slices of pizza. And yes, they love diet pills and miracle coffee from the far eastern islands with magical fat burning properties. I want to make one thing very clear in the very introduction of my article here – THERE IS NO SHORTCUT TO BEING IN SHAPE. Certain products work and can aid you in making the journey smoother but despite everything you have heard and read, you just can’t escape the basics of health and fat loss – Discipline, Calories, Proper Nutrition and Exercise, in that exact sequence of importance. However, worry not, folks, for Gandalf the White has ascended with a secret workout from his realm called “Kettlebell Workout for Women”. This isn’t for those seeking a backdoor pass to Mordor. Gandalf won’t ask the favor of the Great Eagles either. He will give you that slim, bad-ass looking physique you ask for in return for your sweat, blood and tears. For those of you still hesitating to join this “once in lifetime” occurrence of a positive bandwagon, I hope this article can change your mind.

Enter the KETTLEBELL. An awkward, crude tool that looks like it belongs in the Rock’s Iron Paradise. And yet this simple, even rudimentary tool has a rich history dating back to 19th century Russia where it was called “Girya” and even perhaps farther back to Ancient Greece and the Shaolins’ Age of Wushu in China. And now, we see its resurgence in fitness through several channels, including but not exclusive to Crossfit. Flip through your Instagram and you will see pretty ladies doing all sorts of movements with massive kettlebells. It was just yesterday when I came across a seemingly frail lady in a local gym nearby doing Turkish Get-ups with three 45 lbs Kettlebells in a sack. For today’s workout, you will only need a kettlebell and perhaps a yoga mat. Let’s get on to the actual workout without my ramblings.

The Workout

Time – 30-45 minutes

Equipment – Kettlebell, the weight of which depends on your strength and fitness level. (I suggest a weight anywhere in between 20 lbs/8 kg to 35 lbs/16kg)

Accessories – Timer, Yoga Mat, Music Player to play Rocky theme “Gonna fly Now” and a Gallon of water.

Target – Full Body

Type of Workout – Circuit

Here’s a list of exercises that you will be performing during the workout-

  • Goblet Squat

    1. Assume a slightly wider than shoulder width stance with your back straight.

    2. Grab the Kettlebell with each hand on the sides of the handle.

    3. Bring it up to chest level.

    4. Tense up your entire core (cue- bracing your abs like you are about to be punched.)

    5. Keep your chest high, core tight and back tensed as you squat down.

    6. Don’t bend forward and let your hip hinge. Keep the back straight and feel your quads stretch.

    7. Go deep in the squat and pause for a second while keeping your chest high and kettlebell in place.

    8. Ascend without letting the hips shoot backwards

    9. Repeat 12 more times.

Watch this brilliant tutorial here.

Muscles worked – Quads, Glutes, Core and stabilizer muscles all over the body.

  • Kettlebell Floor Press

    1. Lay on the floor or the yoga mat. Bring your knees up so that you can let your forefoot dig in the floor for better grip.

    2. Grab either sides of the Bell so that the handles are almost facing up the ceiling.

    3. Keep your whole body tense as you press the weight up.

    4. Don’t lock out the elbows completely. Instead, focus on squeezing your elbows together as if you are trying to touch your biceps in the middle of the chest. This activates your chest to a much better extent than it normally would.

    5. Without taking longer than half a second on the top, bring down the kettlebell down to the lower portion of the chest, just above the abdomen.

    6. Keep your whole body tense and dig your chin hard in your neck as if you are trying to crack an egg there.

    7. Repeat 12 more times.

Watch here.

Muscles worked – Pecs, Front Deltoids, Triceps, Core and Stabilizer muscles.

  • Kettlebell Goblet Lunges

    1. Stand with a slightly wider than shoulder stance.

    2. Grab the Kettlebell around the chest level, with both hands grabbing each side of the handle. (like the Goblet Squat)

    3. Lunge Forward with one leg until your knee is an inch away from the ground.

    4. Keep your torso straight and resist the pull to lean forward.

    5. Drive back with the forward leg until you are back in the first stance.

    6. Repeat movement with the other leg.

    7. Keep your core activated throughout the movement.

    8. Repeat 10 times for each leg

Watch here.

Muscles worked – Quads, hamstrings, lower back, core and stabilizer muscles.

  • Kettlebell Row

    1. Place the Kettlebell in front of you, not too far way from your feet.

    2. Bend over and support your weight by holding onto a chair or anything around.

    3. Hip hinge (push your hip backwards) and grab the kettlebell with one arm.

    4. Retract your shoulders and pull the weight up to your stomach by flexing the elbow.

    5. Keep your back straight and tight and keep the core activated.

    6. Perform 10 repetitions.

    7. Repeat it again 10 times for the other side as well.

Watch here.

Muscles worked – The Entire back, biceps, core and stabilizer muscles.

  • Kettlebell Swings

    1. Stand with your feet in shoulder width stance.

    2. The kettlebell should be about 2-3 feet away from your feet, directly in front of you.

    3. Push your hips back (Hip Hinge) and reach out to the weight.

    4. Grab the handles with your hands in a pronated grip. Make sure your back and core is tight so that your chest sits high and your back is straight.

    5. Swing the Kettlebell directly at your crotch but before it hits there (ouchie!!!) you will hip hinge and let it pass through the legs.

    6. Don’t squat down here and let the kettlebell swing lower than your knees.

    7. Flex your hips hard in an explosive manner and bring the weight back up to your chest, keeping the arms straight or ever so slightly bent at the elbows.

    8. Contract your glutes hard at the top and swing back down.

    9. Keep your neck neutral and relaxed.

    10. Swing back and forth for 30 repetitions

Watch here.

Muscles Worked – Hips, glutes, hamstrings, lats, abs, lower back, shoulders, pecs and grip.

  • Go through this circuit with the given number of repetitions.
  • Rest for 10 seconds or about three breaths in between each exercise in the interval.
  • Repeat this circuit for 3-5 times.
  • Rest for 3 minutes in between circuits.
  • Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate.
  • Scream and curse as much as you need to but you need to finish this circuit. No matter what. Whatever it takes.

Expected Results

  1. Incredible aerobic and anaerobic improvements.
  2. Stamina and strength boost.
  3. Rapid fat loss, provided you are eating at a slight caloric deficit from your TDEE.
  4. Stress control and good rest.
  5. Mind focus and mental acuity.
  6. With enough hydration, complete detox of the body.


Now, you have a secret weapon, straight from the scrolls of Gandalf’s secret vault, to aid your war against the adipose adversities. Get going and secure that much coveted beach bod. This is the next best thing to a miracle, and we all know miracles never work. Comment down below and let me know what your thought are about this workout, which I hereby name,”The Gandalf Grind”.

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