Lose Fat from the Hips – Fartlek Training Method

Before we get down to the intricate details, let me set the records straight. You can’t lose fat from a particular spot of the body by using an array of targeted exercises or using something like a vibrating belt. Spot Reduction of fat is a myth that deserves to be buried deep deep down under oblivion. It’s a big fat scam initiated by big companies to promote their supplements and gadgets. We all want to believe this, we all choose to believe this because of human nature – it’s in us to be drawn into things that promise great rewards with little efforts. In other words, we are lazy asses who want to pop a pill or strap a belt and do something fun and “daring” (we are looking death in the face, by getting more and more unhealthy) while expecting to get shredded abs and beach ready bodies. So, to lose fat from the hips for women without any real effort or with targeted sissy exercises is impossible.

For example, you may train the abs with countless crunches and side bends (begone love handles, you vile scum) as per the instructions of your coach or your favorite you tuber and expect three things as a result –

  1. The muscles underneath the fat will get stronger. (Spot hypertrophy is so very real)
  2. It will not reduce the fat stored around the spot.
  3. You will ricochet from one bad workout plan to another while paying for ridiculous diet pills and end up worse than you started out in the beginning.

So, am I saying doing ab workouts won’t give you a six-pack or washboard abs? No. It will give you as many abs as you need (Asking for 20 is a bit too much though, folks) but the fat around your body is like a different entity from your body. It can only be reduced as a whole. So, you can crunch as many as you want and it might suddenly burn away the fat stores around your cheeks. The exact sequence of where fat starts burning is dependent on the person. You can’t control it one bit.

The Solution

My suggestion to all my anti-adipose adventurers is to choose a good workout that can give you three things-

  1. A good calories burn per minute.
  2. A good progressive overload.
  3. A good sustainability over time.

Many of you might say the gym is where you can find the best workout plans, coaches and equipment to meet the above criteria I have so fabulously set down. However, there are some factors that we have to take into account before buying a gym membership.

  • Time Constraints
  • Expensive membership costs

I am here to tell you that you can have a fabulous body without ever stepping inside the sweaty floors of a commercial gym. Go run. NOT JOGGING. Fartlek Training, not only to lose fat from the hips but to lose it from every inch of your body. Are you with me on this one? Let’s go.

Fartlek Training

It means “Speed Play” in Swedish. In a Fartlek Run, which can vary anywhere from 1 km to even 5 km at a time, you will be alternating different paces based on time or distance. For example, you will start out with walking briskly for 30 meters or from an electric post to another, then speed up to a jog for another 30 meters and then speed up even further with an all-out sprinting for another 30 meters. After this, you will go back to square one and start walking briskly for 30 meters again until you reach your set distance of anywhere in between 1 km to 5 km. And that’s exactly what we are going to do to reduce body fat everywhere, including your hips. Sounds good? If yes, let’s do this. If no, let’s do this nonetheless. You can’t just let your beach body go beyond your grasp.

The Actual Workout

  • Name – Fartlek Training.
  • Type – Both Aerobic and Anaerobic.
  • Time – 30-45 minutes.
  • Frequency – 3-5 times a week, depending on your conditioning.

  • Equipment needed – None.
  • Calorie expenditure – 300-600 calories, depending on your weight.
  • Difficulty level – Scalable, which means a beginner can easily do this and still give a hard time to a hardcore veteran.
  • Progression Type – Distance and time.

I typically do this in the morning but you can do this literally anytime you want so long as you have running shoes and a good road.

  1. You have to either choose a landmark that will be roughly about 15-30 meters in distance between one another, say like lampposts or use a timer to set the intervals to 20 seconds.
  2. Start out with a brisk walk for the set time or distance. During this you have to swing your arms and make sure every part of the body is limber and warm.
  3. As you reach the landmark or the 20-second alert, start jogging lightly till the next interval. Make sure you aren’t tensing up your body or going wild with your breathing. Stay straight.
  4. As you reach the next landmark or alert, push your forefeet into the ground and sprint forward with maximum intensity for the set time or distance. Don’t tense up your face or upper body and breath into your belly. Stay straight and keep your gait and cadence good.
  5. Slow down for the next interval and start walking briskly. Control your breathing.
  6. Repeat this till you reach 1km or about 10 such repetitions.
  7. Before everything else, you have to warm up properly using dynamic movements like lunges, arm rotations and jumping jacks for at least 5 minutes.
  8. Cool down by walking briskly all the way home.
  9. Make sure you listen to a podcast or audio book on your way home. It’s always good to take this time for some mental clarity and active learning.
  10. The soundtrack of Rocky can help during the runs.


  • The physiological difference between men and women is what makes women store more fat than men. But worry not, for women are far more efficient in metabolizing fat. It can be frustrating at times but the fact that women have more subcutaneous fat than men (who generally have more visceral fat) is a good thing. Visceral fat is more disease prone and is a risk in itself.
  • Have a good meal plan that accounts for a slight calorie deficit (if you want to lose weight) or a slight surplus if you want to maintain and build some lean muscle.
  • Hydrate a lot.
  • Get enough sleep at night to ward off stress.
  • Try to incorporate some stretching on your off days.

That’s all, ladies. With that plan in motion, you are well on your way to losing fat and gaining a lot of strength and endurance. And your ideal figure is just around the corner, in time for whatever you have in mind. Give this workout about 12 weeks of consistent effort and I guarantee you results beyond your imagination, not just lose fat from the hips. Leave a comment down below, informing me of your experiences with Fartlek Training. Gandalf the White has approved this workout.

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    Great. It really helps. Thanks for the article. Worth it

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  2. I like this a lot. I’m not exactly in great shape but I think I can walk and then step it up to running and then go back to walking. I like you are talking about other factors like sleep, diet and stretching. I think it would be good for the brain too. There are studies that show burst exercise really helps brain function. Thanks for this great information. 🙂

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