TRX Fitness Equipment – An Honest Review

TRX Fitness Equipment – An Honest Review

Last year, around this time, we had a flood in here. Not exactly the kind of flood that brings about death and destruction. But half of the sleepy city was waist deep in water. I couldn’t reach my gym and I am sure it wasn’t up and running because of the flood. I have just went through a month of OMAD (One Meal A Day) and even though I was seeing so many results in so little a time, I was feeling cranky. I wanted to do anything to keep my strength and muscles in optimum condition. I was scared that I was losing “all kinds of gains”. So, it was by a stroke of good fortunate that I came across this video from YouTube. (Just so the whole world knows, I was obese a few years back and that man in the video link, Jeff Cavaliere changed me and gave me a new lease on life.) I saw a rather strange equipment in the form of straps that can be hooked around a bar and be used in a plethora of exercises. This was my first meeting with TRX Fitness Equipment. And once I bought it, everything changed for me. In this review, I will give an honest review of this unique contraption and perhaps help you decide to take a more positive step to a fit and healthy future.

This review contains the following –

  • Product Details.
  • My experience with the product.
  • Benefits.
  • Flaws, if any.
  • Honest and Objective Overview of the product

Product Details

  • Name – TRX All in One Home Gym Bundle
  • Type – Suspension Trainer
  • Where to buy – Amazon

  • Level – Beginner to Advanced
  • Primary Purpose – Versatile
  • Accessories included – Anchors, Wall mounts, 4 Exercise Bands and a Shaker Bottle.

A Short History


This is the description of the TRX Suspension Trainer in their official website. And indeed TRX is a product of a former Navy SEAL Commander, Randy Hetrick. He made the prototype using jiu jitsu belts and parachute webbing, as per their website. However, we have to know that the history of Suspension Training goes way back to the 1800s where it was performed by trapeze athletes to gain valuable, life-saving core strength and balance. However, it was only in 2001 that the first version of the TRX Suspenson Trainer (aka the Travel X) was produced. 2005 saw this simple equipment rise to the very top of the fitness world and from then onward, it never looked back.

My Experience with the TRX Suspension Trainer

I had my doubts when I first ordered it online. I was making a major leap in my fitness path and it scared me. Will that affect my bench? Will I be crushed under my previous Squat PR when I made my way back to the irons? Will I turn into a wimp?

However, for me, I had a lot of help in the form of Jeff Cavaliere‘s and Scott Herman‘s videos. And so I took a long hiatus from the gym and made the empty room beside my bedroom my own “Gym”. I had a Heavy bag, some cheap but exceedingly good boxing gloves, a couple of jump ropes, a yoga mat, some old plates and the brand new TRX.

My First week with the TRX

I think it was on a Tuesday morning that I whipped out the brand new TRX out of its bag and anchored it to a makeshift pull-up bar. I studied a chart and followed a pretty generic routine composed of Atomic push-ups, Pike ups, Inverted Rows, Lunges, Fallout and a couple of weirdly named Exercises. It was pretty easy for me to perform the beginner level workout and I felt like I barely broke a sweat pushing and pulling myself in that dusty room. I thought, “This is it?!” I was a bit disappointed and deluded myself thinking that it was my incredible core strength (DISCLAIMER: I have the weakest core in the history of fitness.) that made me breeze through the routine.

Then, around noon, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up a bit fatigued. I thought I was not resting enough and slept throughout the day. And ate a good dinner that night.

When I woke up or when I attempted to do so, I finally knew what the hype was all about. I was sore from top to bottom. I was feeling sore in muscles I never I had. Insert the weakest core in the world meme, if there’s any. And I was glad I listened to Jeff Cavaliere, the mad genius of the Fitness World.

In the weeks to come, I noticed several changes in my progress and physique –

  • The TRX Fitness Equipment helped me develop my core strength to levels I never thought possible. This is because of the 3 training principles of TRX Training – Vector Resistance (Position of body from the ground), Stability (Contact points with ground and width of stance) and Pendulum Principle (Think of this as being away from the fixed anchor point).This is the very reason TRX Training can be made progressive as much as you can, despite what others might claim.
  • My lifts increased miraculously when I dropped by the gym one day after about 4 months of consistent TRX Training. I attribute this to my increased stability and core strength.
  • I lost about 6 kg or 13.227 lbs of stubborn fat, courtesy of the multitude of circuit training I had with the TRX. I was maintaining my calories as well. Fat loss is all about energy balance, folks.
  • I developed a habit of not making an excuse of skipping my workouts since I can basically make a gym out of any overhead branch, hook or any anchor points. I found myself tagging the TRX bag along with me whenever I went. I still do this. Its portability and efficiency is beyond compare.
  • I am not too sure but I managed to shave a significant portion of time in my 100 meter dash. Maybe it’s the improved stability and flexibility some of those exercises carried over to the track.

I have the same product I used back then and I am still using it without any wear and tear except for one of the handles getting chewed up by a very curious canine. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear are some of the many reasons why I chose TRX instead of other cheaper alternatives, like the ones from Decathlon.

Who is it for?

  • Those looking for functional strength and flexibility.
  • Those with crazy weak core strength like me. I can assure you that one month of TRX training will make you asp in awe.
  • Those looking for a home gym that ca be carried everywhere.
  • Those looking to shed some excess holiday poundage.
  • Those busy with college, training or family works.
  • Those who hate commuting to the gym everyday.
  • Those looking to recover from injuries.
  • Practically everyone else.

The Exceptions

None. It’s that good. It’s a good addition to anyone’s fitness arsenal. PERIOD.


  • To be honest, I hate the way I have to re-adjust the straps for every exercise. It takes away the true purpose of circuit training. But, come on, I can’t expect the full utilities a complete gym in a piece of strap.
  • I am not too glad of how an increase demand in stability automatically reduces force generation. But it’s one of the more unique aspects of suspension training. It’s kinda like the midway ground between the two – Learn to be stable while exerting enough force. I can live with that. Use Barbell training to complement it and get the best of both worlds.
  • You can’t turn into a hulking beast with TRX. You will get a very aesthetic physique, akin to that of boxers and functional athletes. But don’t expect to look like Ronnie Coleman with TRX Training.
  • It’s more upper body oriented and lacks good exercise for the lower body. But you can always get a weighted vest or a bag filled with rocks to make up for this.

Should you buy it?

You know the answer to this, right? It’s a resounding yes. And seeing as to how every flaw in the product can be easily improved upon by easy and cheap solutions, I believe this piece of simple yet effective TRX Fitness Equipment is a must for those interested in fitness and improving health. It’s amazing as a standalone product and untouchable as a complimentary equipment to traditional strength training. You can find the product here in Amazon.



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