TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises

TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises


Have you ever come across men and women, in the local gym, doing all sorts of crazy stuff by hanging on to a flimsy looking piece of rope, slung across a bar? However, you shouldn’t think that this is the new trend of fitness, the next “Weight Loss Belt”. This piece of contraption is what we call Suspension Trainer and it has been in existence as early as in the 1800s. However, it wasn’t until 2005 when Randy Hendrick, a former Navy Seal, decided to capitalize on this magnificent opportunity. A dash of yellow and some cool looking ads later, he came up with the TRX Suspension Trainer and the rest is history. And the irony is that this equipment, can deliver a killer workout anywhere in lieu of a conventional gym with almost the same results and double the efficiency, unlike the other fitness equipment trends. Let’s see a list of the most basic but effective TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises and a good workout based on them.

Who should use TRX Suspension Straps and why?

Actually anyone can use this and get better at something or the other. For example, let’s take the cases of two persons using this equipment for some months. Mr. X is a professional bodybuilder and a strong lad with some really impressive poundage on the bar. And Miss Y is a newbie who wants to get “toned” for summer and the beach, with no prior experience in anything more exerting than a kilometre long walk to the department store. And our good old Coach gives both of them the TRX Suspension Trainer. By the end of a few weeks, Mr. X would have a killer core and great unilateral strength and balance. Miss Y will acquire an impressive strength and the “tone” she needed to show off in the beach. Seems like a win-win for both.

My point is – “anyone” can use this and greatly reap the benefits of this unique equipment.

Why? Because it offers something to everyone like-

  • KIller Core – Everything you do with a Suspension Trainer tax your core like nothing else. When you have to mind your balance and stability throughout a movement, you can bet that your core is firing inside. And TRX is all about balance. One can argue that a lot of strength exercises in the gym are all core activators as well. But the activation you get from TRX Push-ups is way different from your normal ground or elevated feet push-ups, courtesy of the extra balancing you need to do in response to the straps. It’s basically like you are forcing your body to get out of the comfort zone and get stronger.



  • Compound Exercises – When you curl, you are stimulating only the biceps and the rest of the body has to remain in the background to isolate the muscles better. But when you do a high-curl with the Trx, you are triggering every muscle from head to toe to achieve stability and balance. And as we all know, compounds top Isolations every single time, unless you are a professional body builder. Basically everything you do with the TRX Suspension Straps is compound and this will stimulate a lot of muscle growth or fat loss, based on your goals and nutrition. 


  • Functional Strength – This falls in place because of the above mentioned points. Like if you can activate your core and engage every single muscle in your body from head to toe, you are bound to develop what everyone calls “Functional Strength”. And no, you won’t be repping 800 pounds in Deadlift or three plates on the Bench but you can run faster, jump higher, stretch better and move around more naturally. This, I believe, is the selling point of the TRX Suspension Straps. 


  • Fat Loss – Throw in a circuit or two of High Intensity Interval Training after your session and see the fat melt off your body, in an almost “Abs Belt” manner. Of course, you have to be in a calorific deficit to do this but as we all know, it always helps to get the best complimentary exercises to it. 


  • Efficiency and Portability – It can be used anywhere because all you need is the handy TRX bag and something to hook it up or around. You are good to go in hotel rooms or parks or even inside the woods, in case you decide to go camping. And to top it all, it weighs in around 1.5 pounds. I don’t think you can find any equipment with such diverse benefits in a bag that small.

TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises

The number of exercises you can do with the TRX are limitless. In fact, you won’t ever grow bored with the repeated exercises in your list. You can mix in a bit of this and that and get brand new exercises with it too. But as we all know, we have to start somewhere. So, I have picked just 5 exercises and will proceed to make it into a training routine that will give you the best bang for your buck.

  • Overhead Squat – It isn’t a normal squat although it can fire up your legs just the same as seen in here.
    • Face the anchor point and adjust the straps to almost mid-length.
    • Place your hands in the handles and extend your arms overhead.
    • Squat while extending your arms overhead until you are all the way down and you feel a deep stretch in your deltoids.
    • Push through your heels and return to your standing position.
  • Atomic Push-ups – A very unique form of push-ups which will light up your core in addition to your chest, triceps and shoulders as seen here.
    • Pull down the straps and adjust it around the calves.
    • Face away from the anchor and kneel down.
    • Place your feet on the handles and prop up your body like a push-up. Remember not to collapse your lower back.
    • Drop your body down the ground until your chest is about to kiss the ground or mat. Don’t flare your elbows out.
    • Push back up. 
  • TRX Inverted Row – A basic back exercise that will fire up your entire backside as seen in here.
    • Adjust the straps to around your chest region.
    • Stand facing the anchor point and hold each of the handles with each hand.
    • Fall backwards until your arms straighten.
    • Squeeze your shoulder blades and pull back up to the starting point 
  • TRX Biceps Curls – This curl variation can isolate your biceps much better than most conventional biceps exercises, even though it can still engage your entire body as seen here.
    • Maintain the chest area adjustment in length, much like the row.
    • Stand facing the anchor point and hold each of the handles with each hand. Make sure your arms are higher than your shoulders here.
    • In exactly the same manner as the row, fall backwards until your arms straighten.
    • But unlike the row where you pull up with the backside, you contract your biceps and curl your way up to the starting position.
  • TRX Triceps Extension – Another amazing exercise that will fry your triceps in addition to giving you an immense core activation as seen here.
    • Adjust the straps to around your waist level.
    • Face away from the anchor point and grab the handles in such a way that your arms are extending over your head. Feel the deep stretch in your triceps in this position.
    • Bend your elbows and lower your body ever so slightly until your elbows can bend no more. Make sure your neck is in neutral position.
    • Use the contraction in your triceps to bring you up and back to your starting position.

The Actual Workout

  • This is intended for beginners only.
  • Take a minute rest in between sets and 3 minutes of rest between exercises.
  • Get lots of water.
  • Mind your calories.
  • Maintain a rest day in between the workouts with Sunday being a light trekking or walking day.
  1. TRX Overhead Squats – 3 sets x 30 seconds. Don’t take a breath within the 30 seconds of workout time.
  2. TRX Atomic Push ups – 3 sets x 30 seconds.
  3. TRX Inverted Row – 3 sets x 30 seconds.
  4. TRX Triceps Extension – 3 sets x 30 seconds.
  5. TRX Biceps Curl – 3 sets x 30 seconds.
  • Time – 40 – 45 minutes
  • Calories Burned – 200-300 Calories.
  • Duration – 6 weeks.
  • Progression – Record your total reps for each exercise and try to beat it the following week.


Indeed, from the above TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises, we can see that it can be a very versatile tool in your fitness journey. I personally use them and feel like it’s worth the investment. If you want to look good, feel awesome and get healthier than ever, do check it out here in Amazon. The TRX might just be the best decision in your journey to being the best version of yourself.




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